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Until Rocky Ravic from MYSTERY joins DC on The Shark!


Founder of The Shark and your host for "The Show" weekdays 3pm-7pm Eastern with exclusive interviews every Wed @ 6pm.  He also hosts the program Hair On The Air, airing on 103.5 The Shark.


Mike Kamper

Mike is a veteran of radio and brings his experience to the "Rock and Roll Campsite" weeknights from 7pm-11pm Eastern.  He's from Chicago, so you never know what he will say.


The Prophet Joshua

Take a rock and roll journey into "The Joshpit" every Monday thru Friday from 11am-3pm Eastern as The Prophet Joshua voice his opinions and plays some great rock for your mid-day.


Joe E. Kramer

He may be a weekend guy, but he's on for over 16 hours a week.  He hosts "Kramer's Rock Party" Sat/Sun from 2pm-6pm and he also hosts all 9 hours of "Hair Metal Saturdays"


Van Camp & Morgan

Kick off your weekday with the Van Camp and Morgan Morning Show from 7am-11am Eastern.  Crazy Crime, Tasty Bits, Showerthoughts, Who Cares News and more.

Icarus Unholy

The concierge of "Hotel Sleaze" which rocks our airwaves every Saturday and Sunday from 10am-2pm Eastern.  Facts about songs and a whole bunch of debauchery!


Our Own Special Shows

New Bangers

60 minutes of rock from the last 60 days.  Only the newest songs rock here.

Sunday 6am, Tuesday 6am, Wednesday 11pm, and Thursday 11pm (Eastern times)

Hair Metal Saturdays

For 9 hours every Saturday morning, we only play songs from bands that rocked the 1980's and 1990's.  If they have new songs, you may hear them too.  Big hits and deep cuts too!  Saturday 12am-9am Eastern.

Monster Rock

We take the biggest songs of hair metal and the biggest songs of melodic rock and mix them all up into this program of monster rock songs.

Sunday 11pm, Tuesday 11pm, Thursday 6am, and for 4 solid hours Saturday 9pm-Midnight (Eastern times).

Great Syndicated Programs

Hard Heavy & Hair

A 2 hour weekly show hosted by Pariah Burke.  

The show features rock from the 80s, 90, 2000s, 2010s and 2020s.

New show Friday at 4am with a replay Sunday at 6pm (Eastern time).

Noize In The Attic

Sometimes, your past comes back to haunt you.  Two hours of rock from the past, and some from today.

New show Wednesday 5am with a replay Sunday at 4am (Eastern time).

Streets of Rock N Roll

Hosted by the Metal Cowboy, Ron Keel.

Each week, Ron has a guest on to talk about rock and roll and plays some great anthems with some new cuts too.

New shows Friday at 11pm with replays Sunday at 9am Eastern time.

Hair On The Air

60 minute of rock tracks from the 1980's and 1990's.  Hosted by DC, you will hear creative theme shows, the "Out Of The Box" song of the week, deep cuts and the biggest hair metal anthems.  

New shows Sunday at 8pm with replays Monday at 11pm, Wednesday at 4am and Saturday at 9am (Eastern).

Charlie Kendall's Metalshop

"The Only Show With Teeth!"

It's an hour long rock show with conversation with some of the biggest names in the hair metal genre.

New show every Tuesday at 5am with rockin replays Saturday at 6pm and Sundays at 9pm (Eastern)

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